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Winter - A Time for Restoration and Planning

This past week we enjoyed a wonderful dump of fresh snow, about 2 1/2 feet here at the farm. It's just beautiful and I am extremely grateful that we have had time in our schedules to get out and enjoy it. The thing about snow for me is that it doesn't stay around for very long. Having the chance to get out for a snowshoe adventure or ski is such a treat, especially when the snow is fresh white and crisp. I notice that when we get these bigger dumps of snow, it just means that its time to slow down, you just can't get as much done. So take that signal from Mother Nature and slow the pace a bit; have coffee with a friend while looking out the window by a fire, read a book under some cozy blankets. You get the picture. Pause and enjoy.

These past few months have been busy, not as bust as flower season but the level of planning next years farm crops, making sure I have restocked hard goods for the 23 season, taking any new online courses or just refreshing what I have already learned. Either way the winter just fills me up with lots of anticipation and excitement about the new coming season. With some new friendships in the mix, it's going to be an exciting year of workshops, experiences and lots and lots of blooming flowers. Next month we will start bringing out our dahlia tubers tub by tub and slowly start the dividing and cutting process, it one of my most rewarding tasks. The hope these little potatoes curate an extra level of curiosity. This year we have added lilies and I am so looking forward to getting to know them and their growing pace.

I am extremely excited about how we have restructured our farm membership for 2023. Not only does it allow our members to embrace the entire growing season but it has the opportunity for them to share our beautiful flowers with friends as well; either by scheduling in a time to come enjoy the flowers or sending a friend a bouquet through their members discount. What I am the most excited about is the flexibility in enjoyment. If you go on vacation (which most of us do) you don't have to schedule around your flowers. Since the membership is for the entire growing season neither of us needs to keep count of how many out of how many you have received. While there are flowers, you have access to flowers. It can't be much simpler.

Another consideration is that we want you to come and walk through the fields. Part of our mission with the farm is to bring joy through interaction with nature. What better way to do this than to walk around with some sense of wonder and curiosity. We would be surprised if you left without a sense of peace surrounding you. So once you have signed up for your membership consider at least 2-3 farm visit days throughout the summer as well as joining us for Farm Members Day. We found the biggest smiles from those that attended.

So consider gifting a membership to yourself or a friend. We are so looking forward to this upcoming season and hope to see your joy and wonder as part of it.

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1 Comment

What a beautiful description! Wonderful flowers and wonderful experiences. So enriching and memorable time spent with natures magic. ❤️

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