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We love to share with friends

5 years ago we bought our "farm".  Well it certainly wasn't a farm at the time but I knew it had great potential buried deeply in the sagebrush.  Each year, more and more of our home has appeared from the vision I saw there.  (Kind of like the marble getting carved away to expose the statue).  I've never been afraid of rolling up my sleeves and getting things done, in fact I prefer the satisfaction of hard work.  After 2 years of home remodel (two stages; kitchen and then addition), property clearing, fixing drainage, fixing up the barn, putting in a driveway and some pads to get us out of the mud, building greenhouses and my garden, adding back trees for shade, giving structure to the surrounding outside spaces and finally
THE FLOWERS!  I am beyond grateful to share these beautiful flowers and the sanctuary of this space with you.



Flowers grown at 6000 ft!  These are tough beautiful blooms.  

A little before and after.  We had bought land next door to build a home then this little log cabin showed up on a drive to visit the neighborhood.  The property was very overgrown with sagebrush and rabbit brush.  Compared to our current home it felt very rustic and dark.  My kids were looking at me with that “we are moving out to a log cabin in the middle of the woods.  You’re must have lost your mind” kind of look.   When my family came to see it, they had to trust my vision.  What this place had to offer could not be built, the year round creek, the amazing trees and lots of space to spread your wings a bit.  I believe they are happy that they believed in my vision, its paradise out here.




We are super grateful for our team.  Our landscaper Luis is indispensable to us.  We share a wonderful vision together to make our farm a magical place.



We are super grateful for our team.  Our farm hand Lisa, does it all.  We share our love of flowers and she is not afraid of dirt or making a stunning bouquet.


When something needs to get done, it seems that Silvan magically sneaks in and does it.  He is so in tune with the flowers and we appreciate him so much!

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