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Treat YOU to a life filled with more peace and beauty

Our MISSION at TFF is to create a place in which you can get back in touch with nature and beauty.  The flowers are pretty awesome too!

While we have flowers, YOU have flowers.  The 2023 Farm Membership keeps life beautiful.

We encourage you through your membership to reserve time to sit and enjoy the farm and flowers.  Bring a friend or bring a book.

We want to create a space to laugh and be creative.   You get discounts on all of our Farm Sponsored Workshops

Through discounts on delivery on DOORDASH, orders directly through our website or on farm purchases, you get a 15% discount as a member.

Seasonal Bouquets

Flowers the way you want them.  Glass Vase, Paper sleeve or bucket.


Workshops to LEARN and GROW

Make sure to check out our Monthly Newsletter to see what workshops are happening!  We have partnered with Deidre at Boho Bouquets for some great ways to try something NEW!


Farm Members Day!

We like to end the season with LOTS of laughter, viewing of flowers and send you home with beauty.  You don't want to miss this fun day.


Be a TFF Show off

Who doesn't love to represent.  We love out TFF hats and gear.

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