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The gift of a real winter

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Winter. Snow, wind, a chill in the air and BEST OF ALL seed orders! I have to practice many many levels of restraint during these months. Not starting seeds too early, not ordering too many seeds (I'm not sure if that's actually possible, haha) and taking the time to plan out my spaces with calculated intention. This year I have added A LOT more space and A LOT more flowers specie. No stress here at all. I am diving head first into growth, risk and the potential for a truly amazing summer of blooming. There is so much hope for these new spaces. Once I read about the eloquence of empty spaces and how they spark so much creativity because our mind "wants" to fill in the space. When you have a creative brain, this becomes a challenge because your brain goes on overload. This is one of the reasons I am a trained yoga teacher, I needed to teach my brain how to chill out a bit. That creative brain is a gift and a curse at the same time. So journaling and doodling help. Dreaming and capturing helps. As long as the creativity is channeled into a passion, my personal inner workings can find some sense of peace once in a while. Flower farming, it makes me curious if all flower farmers have this way of thinking. We have been rewarded by such beauty and scents that you can't help to seek it out. It becomes part of your way of seeing the world. Winter = rest and summer = abundance, joy and beauty. During winter months I find myself grabbing any piece of paper that has a blank spot and writing down a note. I crave the visual nature of seeing the idea in my handwriting so it sticks. Winter, allows this. Winter gives you the ability to nurture, renew and plan. So appreciative for the blanket of snow and a warm fireplace that allows this quality of space.

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