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Keep your dreaming friends close!

Luis and I are planning our next flower zone. He and I are dreamers. We seem to see the world as this beautiful place of potential glory and I am beyond grateful to know him. He is one of the hardest working people I know besides my husband. I try my best to take care of him and give back in a way he is willing to accept. This man has helped me haul an amazing amount of dirt in the garden and other parts of the ranch. He is just as excited to see the flowers come back in the spring as I am. He is finally used to me rolling up my sleeves, grabbing a shovel or easily getting in the driver seat of some large piece of machinery. We are like kids in a big sandbox and our creations tend to result in flowers. Some times yummy things too. This year even though we were heavily blessed with flowers we were also up to our ears in peppers; shisitos, jalapeños and bells. So good! Gracias mi amigo.

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