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Its More Than a Bunch of Flowers

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

I know that we are all similar in that we lead very busy lives. We go from place to place, keeping our minds full of the checklist of everything to get done. Recently I was reading about mental load and something really clicked with me. Mental Load is all the things your mind feels like it needs to keep track of, whether you are actively doing it or not. It's the big active file folder in your brain that stays active enough that we can quickly access that information once someone needs it. In a podcast I was listening to, the host gave the advice of making a list of your mental load. Not only was it crazy to see these things a list order but for a few days after I kept saying "oh yeah, and that too".

The podcast goes on to say that when you have a partner and they aren't aware of the load of your mental load list, you feel that you are doing all these things in an invisible state. This started to make a lot of sense. There were things that I once had a great passion for, but under the weight of a huge mental load, they just lost their luster. They became burdens sitting on a long list. What I didn't realize was that by seeing this list and evaluating it, I was able to see the things that consumed way too much of my conscienceness. Almost by getting them down on paper and seeing them, I felt like I didn't need to have them running around in my brain quite as active but in more of a sleeper state. This list allowed me to set some things down even though I know inside that I'm still the owner.

It really was the garbage. Every week, I get triggered by the garbage. Somehow I inherited the task of getting that garbage out. A Task I never signed up for. It just defaulted to me. So here's my big challenge. How do you reassign things like this? Especially when obviously no one else wants them. As my husband always says "the answer is money, what was the question?" I notice more and more that people in our country are run by money. You want change? Hit people in their pocketbooks. So coming back to the garbage. I'm thinking I need to hire it out, it might be the only solution. So if you hear of a company that comes to your house every week and takes out the garbage, please let me know. Haha. I'll be waiting.

Bringing myself back to the topic at hand. Mental Load. I consider the idea of fake it til you make it. Choosing to enjoy something like flowers on your table can give your life that little spark, the step in the right direction of pausing for a minute. Ultimately the point is that you physically create something to stare at, get your brain to relax and slow down the mental load. Flowers can do that. A bouquet bought for yourself or given by a friend can do that. Take a moment to really enjoy them; look at the variations, take a sniff and see if any of them are scented, see if any two are similar or see how they are different. Don't lose that small window in your day that allows your brain to find a little flow. That state of flow is where wonder and curiosity come from, embrace it and enjoy!

So my wish as I send flowers off with you, please know this. The flowers sitting lovingly on your table have been made for you specifically. YOU. We take each vase and put a label on it before the flowers go in. It starts with you in mind (and from two yogi's none the less) and we fill your order thinking of how you might enjoy this or that. These bouquets are made with wishes, love, delight and intention. If we know something is going on in your life we fuel positivity in. So we really hope you enjoy them, they are much more than a bunch flowers.

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