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The Sweetness of Waiting

Recently I was sitting with a friend who has been through a pretty rough year. We were discussing the extremely fast pace of life at this moment in time and how we could implement daily habits to just slow it down a bit. There are times when I get really upset feeling like I missing life because there is just too many things demanding my attention. I get in my car and drive anywhere and feel as though I'm being constantly bombarded with stimulus. People driving too fast because either they didn't plan well or they are simply stuck in an aggressive state of being. I do my best to implement car yoga as my yoga mentor taught me to do. It's such an odd practice because when you are slowing down your breath and use a technique to deeply observe your surroundings it feels as though time has actually slowed down. The cars speeding past me have details and color to them, I am no longer flooded with anxiety from the quick pace. My driving experience becomes one of calm and serenity.

I feel completely blessed this year by the amazing amount of water. The creek that runs through our property has been absolutely magical and I revel in all the negative ions washing over me as I take time to reflect by the creek. I feel this strong desire to be in the moment because it feels like it could change rapidly and I would miss it. At the farm, it seems like every day here has been full of this majestic beauty lately. We have had our first spring flush and things are now started to wither away to rest for the summer. Our summer crops are arriving and every day we see things grow just a little more. This is the amazing part of living here, I get to notice small details every single day. As I create a collection from my flower harvest I considered how special it will be for the particular member in which I'm making a bouquet for. It fills up my soul when I get to make beauty for someone I know will enjoy each stem and observe it as well.

Having a farm greatly helps with slowing down. You simply cannot rush the time it takes to grow things. Nature will win and has many things to teach us if we show up and pay attention. Planting a seed is a step of faith. These tiny little seeds offer so much promise and reward, you simply need to trust the process and believe in it. The energy given to the seed helps too. It's a pretty rare occasion that you can drop a seed and hope for the best while neglecting its journey. Seeds need to be looked after, they don't like to be rushed, so this activity almost ensures that you will need to be there just a bit so you don't miss the show. Seeing the first sprout break ground is a big win! There might not be many other things as exciting as seeing those first little leaves break through the ground. It helps affirm that at least your have provided good growing conditions. As this little plant grows you need to watch over it and protect it from frost, critters that love these tender little morsels and simply people walking on them. As the plant starts to take shape and gain ground you can start to identify it to make sure it's simply not a weed, they have no problem growing this year. Buds start to form and soon enough you get the reward for taking the sweet time to grow something.

There are many ways to enjoy things in life. Spontaneous purchases, building things, eating something sweet only to be shocked at how fast you did and then left wanting more. I have found though that things that require a bit of a wait seem to be the best. They have this amazing quality of not being instant, not being something you can get anywhere. They have been curated and you get to be a part of the experience. Lucky you! I absolutely enjoy seeing all the flower growers in our region and how great they are at sharing their pictures and wins. It makes me feel like I'm a part of a special club that has learned to gift of attuning to nature. Back and forth we go sharing all the amazing sights and smells that we as a team have brought forth through our love of plants and dedicated time to nurturing them. I meet many people out and about, now I can tell when someone needs a little nature flower fix. Ultimately I love sharing the best of things growing here at the farm; flowers, laughter and connection. All of which can take some time to build and grow, but I would hate to miss out.

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Beautiful, inspiring words! I love going out in the backyard and just BEING…. Nice slow breathes… natures gift of meditation ❤️

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