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It all happens with the seed

Maybe you have noticed that any new idea starts with a seed. That little tickle of inspiration that either dies under the soil, leaving you to wonder what happened or starts to take root in your mind by sending hidden roots down deep. Before you know it, the rooted foundation is so deeply present that you may have even misplaced when and where the idea began. All you know is that you cannot get it out of your head. It has established itself to now be a part of you. This idea seed continues to grow and flourish with the right nutrients, supportive comments, aspects of the inspiration showing up in the most random places and you might see the idea already out in the world in a way that just isn't quite right for you.

Encourage your mind to linger. Let this deeply rooted idea expand in your mind, let your sub conscience toy with all the little variances of it, allow the body some unstimulated time to do so. I find that weeding a garden does the trick here or planting actual physical seeds. Each new branch of the root expands the idea and pushing it to the edges.

The bump up. In our gardening world there is a point in which the seed you have planted needs to be "bumped up". This term means its time to give the root system a little more growing space; so you may go from a 1 inch by 1 inch growing area to a 2-4 inch one, allowing more space. Just like any fantastic idea that's rooted in your mind, this is the part where you start to investigate how to grow the idea. You might take a course in this new area of interest, do some research or read some books. The point here is to "do your homework". Nothing happens well in a vacuum. The rooted seed system in your mind requires a "bump up". Explore all your options and interest and find the best path to move forward. I found mine in Florets Flower Growers Workshop this year. It was an amazing amount of information and I feel well versed to travel into this growing season.

The leaves start to show. Once your idea has some good roots under it, the leaves push up and your idea has broken through the surface. People start to see it, you can share it, there is tangibility to this concept. You start to feel this great sense of excitement as your little leaves start to shine. However, you're not done. Growers know that this is just about the most vulnerable time. Those little leaves are exciting but so so delicate. Don't get distracted by those pretty leaves. You still need to focus on growing and exploring your idea and maybe even bump it up yet again, allowing your foundational root system to stabilize you and make you very well versed. More reading, more courses, more whatever!

Now the roots are deep. The watering has found it's routine. The sun is warm and shining on your great idea. Things are looking good. More leaves develop, each branch of new leaves helps your mind flourish in a visible world that may even offer feedback and support by others. It may have required that visibility for them to envision your idea. It's ok. If you made it to this point, your roots and foundation are so strong that you can see yourself through. You have nurtured a very deep sense of commitment to your idea. Unshakable.

At long last, the bloom! The bloom brings reward for hard work and commitment to your great idea. However, here's the hard realty, not only did you stick with it and saw it through, you have now grown into this new sense of your world and what can flourish over and over if you really truly believe in yourself. You might enjoy the bloom, hold it in your hands, enjoy the smell, gentle feel the structure of the petals, BUT now you're hooked. It takes just as much determination to not flourish now rather than to keep growing!

I have always been a creative gardener of many sorts. Going into this season I believe in my dreams, I believe in the big smiles and wandering sense of peace my flowers will bring to others. I have seen it, I have felt it and I have shared many hugs in the middle of the flower field. I hope you draw this into your life and flourish deeply with your new seeds.

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