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Magical Seeds

The fun never stops with dahlias. Harvested seeds yesterday out of the seed pods I collected. The bees were pretty busy before the frost so hopefully a lot of pollination has happened. Dahlias have a ton of genetic material and since I did not coordinate with the bees, these could come out to be a mixed bag of craziness. I love the idea that new varieties of dahlias could come out of this. With dahlias, if you want to have the same flower, you grow from the tuber or sprout cutting. Otherwise, they are truly a mixed bag of seed.

Bucket of harvested dahlia seed pods.

Once the seed pods are dry, you can break them apart and find the seeds fairly easy.

A fun game of seek and find. Do you see the seeds?

This is a great exercise in patience and focus. Some good music helps too!

Check out all the seeds! Can’t wait to be more prepared next year to harvest even more.

Now comes the waiting part. I need to back into my local freeze date to see when I can work on starting these babies up. Fingers crossed for a good spring.

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