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A Long Winters Nap

Ah winter. The short days. Chill in the air and depending on where you live, lots of snow on the ground. Whether you participate in winter time activities it usually comes along with longer moments of rest and recollection. There are times when I am simply ready for the warm sun on my skin and to work the dirt out in the garden. However, these winter months, as tough as they may be at times serve as a great reminder that nature has its cycles. Consider how monotonous our days would be if we were to have sunny day after sunny day. Ok. Yes, I know at about this point in winter that seems the best option but in the long run its not what's best for our bodies and minds. We need to be able to cozy up indoors with friends or a good book or simply watch a show. It lets our bodies prepare for the next big adventure we have ahead of us. For this gardener and flower grower, it adds a new layer of interest. The "rest" part is deceptive because you always have something to do or take care of even in the dead of winter. There are things to repair, seed plans to determine and schedules to get on the calendar. Its a long winter dream at times that periodically shows up with the temptation of warm days and soil defrosted enough to want to plant in.

Today is one of those stunningly gorgeous blue sky winter days. The sky gently bounces of the newly fallen snow and there is this amazing sense of resting up for a new season. Getting out in this winter sunshine is essential and will brighten up your day tremendously.

So if this winter is feeling too long for you. Jump on my train and dream of spring flowers, warm summer days but don't miss the kiss of a winter day. Its a different kind of soul awakening. One that gets missed often. Its that reminder that it's ok to let yourself rest and rejuvenate, for those warmer months will be here before you know it and the days will be long.

If you're interested in this, you might also be interested in what's been happening on the farm. We are busy starting seeds and dahlia tubers! There are tulips and daffodils planted out and they will be waking up soon enough. We have put together our flower share program and have some great partners to get you amazing flowers this summer. So please check it out on our website. Its going to be an abundant year of beautiful blooms. You won't want to miss out.

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