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Locally grown flowers in Reno, Nevada.



Born out of the search for more JOY!


There was a point a few years ago where I found myself just stuck in the sticky parts of life.  Going from day to day and doing all the things but never with that feeling of a full heart.  I was walking with my good friend, Erica, and suddenly it just came to me.  “ I need more Joy!”  From that I set myself on a mission to pay closer attention to all things that brought me closer to it.  It wasn’t until the fall of 2019 that I felt a bigger focus on my garden and what its potential could be.  I have been a gardener my entire life (well since about age 6 or so).  Now I had the space and vision to get my garden a little more focused on JOY.  I decided to try my hand at growing dahlias.


All this planning paid off in late July 2020 when things really started to show up.  The dahlias were something that you wanted to go check on every morning.  When they finally bloomed, it was simply magic!  If you have never walked through a flower field, you are overdue to add it to your bucket list.  This space has brought me and others so much joy and its been amazing to share them with others.

In fact, we now call this a flower sanctuary because it exudes calming energy.


Visit the farm

Enjoy a tour of the farm. Get in touch with nature and enjoy the beauty of it. After the tour we will travel back through the flowers and cut some amazing hand selected blooms for you to take home.  We will walk you through the process of creating a bouquet so you go home with something special and that you enjoy.



We offer events and workshops including sound baths, writers retreats, wine tastings, painting, wreath making, and more! 



Our MISSION at TFF is to create a place in which you can get back in touch with nature and beauty. Your membership Includes 3+ bundles of spring flowers (typically March-April) and 6+ bundles of summer flowers (July-September). Enjoy a beautiful array of tulips, daffodils, dahlias (our speciality), iris, peonies, sunflowers and other seasonal blooms.


Order a "Brighten My Day" Bouquet from Doordash!

Deliver some fresh summer happiness with this freshly cut and seasonal bouquet. We know what is in season, blooms will arrive paper wrapped with wonderful blooms. You can choose to have your flowers in a vase or jar too! Let go and just enjoy! Will contain loosely 20 flowers (give or take).


Event Flowers

We make your event bloom!  Timberline Flower Farm grows local, sustainable, seasonal, fresh cut flowers. Because of this seasonality, not all flowers are available at all times of the year. Spring flowers tends to be tulips, daffodils, mixed wild flowers, iris, peonies and ranunculus.  Summer flowers are mostly dahlias (our specialty), sunflowers and a good variety of gorgeous blooms.


Shop bouquets & more!

Browse our bouquet offerings, plus Timberline Flower Farm merchandise including shirts, hats, and more!




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